Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hub Virtual School?

  • Hub Virtual School is an online school with live, real-time, teacher led instruction across the entire program of studies.  Students access their classes through Google Classroom and meet with their class and teacher from 9am to 3pm, similar to a typical school day.  Students have the opportunity to learn as a whole class, small group, and individually.

Who can attend Hub Virtual School?

  • Hub Virtual School is open to all students in Alberta from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Will there be in person classes?

  • Our primary instruction will be online.

Will there be opportunities for my student to connect with peers?

  • With small group learning, students connect often through clubs such as art and leadership, where students can connect outside the classroom and develop friendships.  We will be offering option programming for our students, which will allow them to make connections with other students from Hub Virtual School.

Will my student be able to return to their in-person school?

  • Hub Virtual School is a school of choice option for any students Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta.  As such, when a family chooses this option, they are committing to the entire school year.  We are committed to providing a rigorous and relevant program for all of our students and families.

Can Hub Virtual School offer flexible programming for my student?

  • Yes!  Please contact the principal, Mr. Warren Buckler, for more information about how we can support your child’s learning.

Click here for School Contact Information

What technology will my student need?

  • Laptop/chromebook/desktop computer that will run Google Chrome
  • Webcam
  • Headset & microphone are recommended
  • Reliable internet

What will a typical school day look like?

  • Click here for a sample of our Elementary & Jr High timetables

Is there a cost or student fees to register for Hub Virtual School?

  • There is no cost associated to register at Hub Virtual School

How do I register?

I’ve received no communication from my teacher at Hub Virtual School yet and I’m concerned.

  • Thank you for your patience.  Your Hub teacher will connect with you prior to the start of the school year (see school calendar for start date).  If you have any questions over the summer, please email thehub@sd76.ab.ca and we will get back to you within 2 business days.